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    Professional R&D and production of
    protective materials manufacturer
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    Guangdong Mr.Film Plastic Industrial Co. , Ltd

    Guangdong Mr.Film Plastic Industrial was founded in March 1998, located in Jiangmen City, a city full of overseas Chinese. In August 2003, HongKong Plastics New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The total investment is tens of millions of yuan, and has reached a long-term strategic partnership with many powerful enterprises domestic and abroad! The company's production equipment is excellent; the process is scientific and rigorous; materials imported are excellent, which is currently the professional domestic R & D production of glass protection materials suppliers. Products are: explosion-proof film, decorative film, protective film, special adhesive products, film machine matching and processing. Relying on the persistence and pursuit of quality for more than ten years, Mr. Film wins the recognition of customers and continues to be strong! Nowadays, Mr. Film, a down-to-earth and fashionable brand name, is famous domestic and abroad.